Ze mainstage in full force at Tomorrowland
Murica love at Tomorrowland πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Anonymous asked: more snap videos!!!!

UnfortunAtely there was no wifi there and my friend ran out of data so I couldnt post anymore :( i really wanted to post more!!

peacelovenkaskade asked: so jealous of your europe/tomorrowland trip! have fun! post lots of pics!

Thank you! Its been amazing! Ill post pics soon :)

Sorry for the lack of Tomorrowland snaps, there was no wifi :(

Will post more about the festival later. Still in shock that I was there. Best festival ever πŸ’œ

Well my luggage got stolen on the way over here but fuck it, this is my trip and I’m ready to have an amazing time. Just a few hours till day 1 starts!! Now I just need to find some clothes >.

Got our bracelets! Now waiting for our train. I’m posting lots of snaps so be sure to follow me: jaimeexlauren


I can’t believe its finally here! Follow me on snapchat: jaimeexlauren


The depression is real.

After years of dreaming about it and a year of actually planning, I finally leave for Tomorrowland/Europe tomorrow!

This is the most surreal feeling ever. I can’t believe I finally get to cross this off my bucketlist!

Anonymous asked: I'm a rave virgin. I love the music and the outfits you would see at a rave, but I haven't been to one yet. Mostly because I'm a broke college student. There's an event happening next month called Electronic Adventure and I want to go to it, but non of my friends are into the rave scene. What should I do?

Try to convince one to come with! Ive taken a few friends to their first rave who weren’t into the scene and they ended up loving it! If thats a no go, come off anon on here or try the fb group edm madness! Theres tons of ravers out there that I’m sure would be happy to let you party with their group :)


omg LOL