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Trance love at Tomorrowland ❤️

keepyourefeetontheground asked: heyyy, saw your post about tomorrowland! you really describe the exact feeling how is feels to walk aroud on those magic grounds. i've been there 2 times! and you discribing that you had a 3 person tower i think a saw that one whit an American flag, and saying to my friend how crazy that was! hope you had a blessing and can visit is next year again! xoxo

Aw im glad you think so, that makes me so happy! It was such an amazing experience, I had to share some of it! And haha no wayy, during kaskade?? Cuz yep, that was me! :) I hope to be back soon!

The Tomorrowland withdrawals are so real


Like so many other people, I spent years seeing the pictures and videos of TL and saying “next year I’ll be there!” And well, this year I finally did it…and it was the best fucking feeling in the world.

It was the most incredible festival I’ve ever been to.  I can’t even really explain what it was like. It was everything and nothing I expected…it was so much more. 

At any given time, you could look around you and have a conversation with someone from the other side of the world. We didn’t always speak the same language but it didn’t matter. We were all there for the same reason and because of that, we could all relate to each other. I couldn’t walk more than a few feet without someone seeing my flag and chanting USA! or coming up to ask me what part of America I was from. Everyone was so friendly and I mean everyone. It made EDC look like a 9-5 office on a Monday. 

The music spoke for itself. Every genre was present and every stage brought its own piece of magic to the TL experience. You could walk to the front of ANY stage and have space to dance…I can’t remember the last time I could do that at an American festival. Watching everyone dance with their flags in the air was truly unforgettable. I think I heard that more countries were represented at Tomorrowland than at the Olympics. Wow. 

From being front row at Armin, to Audien taking our flag on stage, to Kaskade pointing at our awesome three person tower, to all the amazing people I met, to dancing in the pouring rain, and so much more, I can’t even begin to explain how awesome this experience was. And now the withdrawals are so bad because I know it’ll be a few years before I go back. I’m already dreaming of walking into those gates again.  But for now, I have the most beautiful memories of the best festival on earth and I will always keep them close to my heart. Thank you Tomorrowland. You reminded me why I’m still so in love with this scene and why I will never lose faith in it. Until we meet again… Heavy black heart

machewpham asked: Isn't tomorrowland two weekends? Unless they already passed or you bought tickets for one weekend haha either way i'm jealous as fuck hope you had a blast!

Its the same festival both weekends haha I went to weekend one! And thanks, It was amazing!

Had the time of my life at Tomorrowland! Take me back
Ze mainstage in full force at Tomorrowland
Murica love at Tomorrowland 🇺🇸

Anonymous asked: more snap videos!!!!

UnfortunAtely there was no wifi there and my friend ran out of data so I couldnt post anymore :( i really wanted to post more!!

peacelovenkaskade asked: so jealous of your europe/tomorrowland trip! have fun! post lots of pics!

Thank you! Its been amazing! Ill post pics soon :)

Sorry for the lack of Tomorrowland snaps, there was no wifi :(

Will post more about the festival later. Still in shock that I was there. Best festival ever 💜