dashofchaos asked: I'm from Dallas and I'm looking to buy two EDC Vegas tickets for a not so rape price! Lol Can you help me out by letting all of your followers know? Thanks plenty! ☺️

If anyone is selling EDC Vegas tickets, let her know!! ^^

Selling 1 420 Fest ticket for $40!

Reblog please :)


Identity fest

fantasi--a asked: Hi, my name is Cassandra! I live in Toronto and recently they banned music festivals and all edm concerts from one of the best venues in the city because a stupid nightclub owner is jealous and losing profit. Can you please sign this and ask your followers to sign, we need our music!! thepetitionsite(.)com/934/875/393/keep-edm-events-at-exhibition-place/

Please sign and help save the rave!!

So I have a bunch of tickets I need to sell…message me if you want any!

3 Life in Color San Diego, April 26th tickets - $55 a piece
1 420 Fest ticket - $40
2 Aly & Fila @ Exchange LA, May 2nd tickets - $20 a piece

They’re all pdfs so we can email/paypal or meet in person if you wanna come to South Orange County.

EDC Orlando | Alex G